Dealing with grass mowing, landscaping, and snow removal requires the right equipment for the right job. Our fleet of equipment includes the following types of equipment to support large or small jobs on a frequent basis:

a. Wide area mowers – these mowing beasts have single-pass mowing widths of over 10’ and can cut a huge amount of acreage every day. They are versatile enough to fit in tight spaces because their “wing” mowers fold up so you can slide through tight spaces with ease.

b. Zero-turn mowers – our zero-turn mowers with at least 60” mowing decks are nimble and easily able to navigate the cutting needs not only in large fields, but in the tight corners as well. A team of one wide-area mower combined with a zero-turn mower are able to move throughout large areas of a city or town in tandem and deal with all cutting. The remaining trimming is minimal taken care of by our string-trimming teams.

c. Trimmers – standard string trimmers are the tool of choice for all small area cutting where our mowers cannot complete the job.

d. Misc. Equipment – aerators, blowers, edgers, sprayers are all required to provide the full complement of services needed to take care of your lawns.


a. Skid Steer tractors – the principle tool of choice for landscaping work is the skid-steer tractor. Whether tracked or wheeled, skid-steers make short work of any landscaping project. Attachments including grapples, hoes, augers, all can compliment a job based on requirements.

b. Dump Truck – whether hauling out excess materials or hauling in new materials such as bed gravel, topsoil or stone/rock, a dump truck is essential to any landscaping project.

c. Excavator – some jobs may need an excavator to manoeuvre material that cannot be easily done by the skid-steer. An Excavator often can get it done quickly and easily.

We know at Beautiful Dirt that having a portfolio of equipment is useless without the people to accomplish our objective of making dirt beautiful.

Our people are essential to this task! Finally, our operation is complimented by a 14-acre storage yard and a 40x80 maintenance and storage shop where we do our maintenance and manage storage of all the equipment we need to deliver our services.
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