Beautiful Dirt is a full service lawn/turf maintenance company. We keep your grass areas cut, trimmed, and free of weeds.

We work under service agreements that define levels of service defined mainly by height of grass thresholds so you can keep high-traffic, visible park areas cut and trimmed short for optimal appeal and usage or general grass areas longer to reduce maintenance costs.

Beautiful Dirt can provide weed control services usually in the form of spray solutions often combined with fertilizers to improve turf health and vibrancy.

No acreage is to large for us to handle. Our large-scale commercial mowing equipment allows us to tackle big spaces

Beautiful Dirt offers environmentally sustainable solutions for weed and feed applications.
Our equipment portfolio allows us to take on extremely large area projects including full town/city areas or multi-site commercial projects.
Our job is to keep your turf/grass areas looking sharp while you pay attention to your business or municipal responsibilities.
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